Bombay Reads is a news & media platform, primarily focused on covering the publishing industry in India and elsewhere. We also publish reviews of books, new and old, and blogs related to literature and book publishing. Books are the most personal source of entertainment, inspiration, and learning. Every person has a unique perspective, and we are here to share ours! It doesn’t matter whether the book is breaking current charts or is an age-old classic, we like to read every story that we get our hands on. More than reviews, we write what we feel about the book, just like someone swimming in the river, not to win a competition, but to enjoy the pleasures of swimming.

At Bombay Reads, we strive to provide our readers truthful, unadulterated, and independent reviews of books, and not “positive” propaganda. We strongly feel that there’s a bias in the industry and there isn’t enough transparency while writing reviews, positive or negative.
To our readers we assure that –

If we do a paid review, we will mention it explicitly. However, paid or not, our reviews will remain exactly what we feel about the book, and not what the author/publisher wants us to say. We will continue to publish regular news about the industry, though we will never be directly connected to any of them. If at all we are, the article will explicitly indicate the same. And lastly, Bombay Reads will continue to value the time of the readers, and will always keep the integrity intact.

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