SuperpowerS – Shilpi J. Chawla – Book Review
After a long and tiring day of work, or after a depressing moment in your life, you’d need a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation. If this sounds familiar then SuperpowerS is probably that book for you.
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In Conversation With Priya Kapoor
Priya Kapoor: ‘I hope readers and lovers of books keep up the demand and support their local bookshops.’
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Political Maneuvering in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar is one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays and is regarded as one of the greatest historical and political plays ever. As the name suggests the play is based on the life of Julius Caesar, a Roman military general, and depicts his assassination and its plot.
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Sons of Fortune – Jeffrey Archer – Book Review
The central plot revolves mainly around the twin brothers – Nathanial and Peter Cartwright. Peter, however, is separated from the family, as a nanny of a deceased child born on the same day, replaces him with the dead body of the child
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How Long Should a Novel Be?
What is the ideal length for a novel? It's a question that bothers most first-time authors. Novel or novella, long or short! All you need to know is here!
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