The Watchmaker’s Library: Must-Read Books for Every Watch Enthusiast
"The art of creating sophisticated micro-components, powered by a coiled spring, with the precision to last a lifetime without much hassle, is fascinating, to say the least."
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Ancestral Vices by Tom Sharpe – Book Review
"The novel explores subjects as diverse as dwarfish marital problems to corrupt capitalist nexuses. All in all, you're in for a laughter ride."
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Political Maneuvering in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar is one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays and is regarded as one of the greatest historical and political plays ever. As the name suggests the play is based on the life of Julius Caesar, a Roman military general, and depicts his assassination and its plot.
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In Conversation With Priya Kapoor
Priya Kapoor: ‘I hope readers and lovers of books keep up the demand and support their local bookshops.’
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Moral Responsibility of Literature Enthusiasts
The best thing we as literary enthusiasts can do is to buy books offline. And look beyond the reviews and stars.
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Pragati Deshmukh

In Conversation with Pragati Deshmukh

Reading Time: 10 minutes “I have seen eyes where it felt like the person was penetrating into my soul and with very bad intent.” – Pragati Deshmukh Thanks, Pragati, for agreeing to this interview.

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