The Power of Habit book & Charles Duhigg image

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg | Book Review 

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Power of Habit tries to find and present answers to such deeper questions. The book deals with some of the most intrinsic aspects of human behaviour, giving lucid and interesting explanations. With more than two million copies sold, Charles Duhigg’s masterpiece is practically changing lives across the globe. Let’s find out why.

Book Review - SuperpowerS Novel by Shilpi J. Chawla

SuperpowerS – Shilpi J. Chawla – Book Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes SuperpowerS is the first inspirational book that I have read in a long time, which is why it was a difficult task for me. However, after zipping through the pages I conclude that it is quite useful for certain people, and not so helpful for others. Nonetheless, the philosophy of self-love and self-realization portrayed by …

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Tales of Man Singh - Kenneth Anderson

Tales of Man Singh – Kenneth Anderson

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Tales of Man Singh is the book for you if you’re even remotely interested in the legendary dacoits of the Chambal Valley. Kenneth Anderson wonderfully takes the reader in the pre-independence era and the early years of independence. She creates a sketch of rural India the way it actually was, which wasn’t ideal, to …

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