Amod Kanth’s Khaki in Dust Storm Up for Pre-Order

Amod Kanth’s Khaki in Dust Storm Up for Pre-Order

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Former police officer and social activist Amod Kanth’s first book, Khaki in Dust Storm is up for pre-order on Amazon. As per a tweet by the publishers, Bloomsbury India, the book covers the dark sides of Indian politics between the 1980s-1990s. The book deals with divisive communal politics and political assassinations during the last two decades of 20th Century India.

Amod Kanth is one of the most celebrated police officers of the post-emergency era, being involved in some of the most controversial cases in independent India. One of the biggest cases of Amod’s career was the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 following Indira Gandhi’s assassination. The book also deals with the assassinations of Rajiv Gandhi, Lalith Maken, and General Arun Shridhar Vaidya.

The last two decades of the previous century were the most turbulent for India since independence. Right from the Bhiwandi Riots of 1984, the Operation Blue Star, and Indira Gandhi’s assassination, to the anti-Sikh Riots, Demolition of the Babri Mosque, and Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination – the events that occurred during that period continue to haunt the society even after two decades into the 21st century.

Khaki in Dust Storm is a story of nerve-bending investigations by Amod Kanth, making it a must-read for those looking to get an insight of the dark ages of Indian politics. The book is due for launch on December 18, 2020, and deliveries will commence soon after that.

About the Author

Amod Kanth is a social activist and a former policeman. He is the founder of Prayas, a Delhi based anti-trafficking and children’s rights NGO. He was also the Chairman of the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights between 2007-2011. Amod is currently the General Secretary of Prayas JAC Society, Coordinator of NITI Aayog, and CSO of the Standing Committee.

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1 thought on “Amod Kanth’s Khaki in Dust Storm Up for Pre-Order”

  1. With his intense sensitivity and humanity, Amod Kanth brought new perspectives into the policing of a vast, spread out, and variegated city like Delhi as he took up the tough challenge in the 1970s. By the time he left active policing around 2010, Delhi had evolved into full-fledged statehood even as thousands of Delhi-ites still recall Amod as a proponent of gentility and balance, and as one who could be trusted to deliver even in complex and multi-level investigations and related challenges. Such an accomplished background is bound to create distinct imagery of a kind that can only add value to KHAKI IN DUST and its literary evaluation across the world of readers. They are likely to get a fresh feel of Amod’s mastery over a tough profession with its vicissitudes and challenges ingrained in the flow of things, both positive and negative as well as incendiary and sensitive. I congratulate Amod Kanth for a composite work on policing that will have its own reverberations across a wide span of informed readership.

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