James Patterson Releases Book on the Murder of John Lennon

James Patterson Releases Book on the Murder of John Lennon

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Renowned American author James Patterson has released the book about the murder of John Lennon, the co-lead vocalist and guitarist of the iconic rock band The Beatles. The book, titled The Last Days of John Lennon, is a must-read for true crime readers, said James in a tweet on Friday.

John Lennon was murdered on the night of December 08, 1980. The infamous incident has been the center of several conspiracy theories. A number of books revolving around his murder are available today. Being one of the most iconic figures of the 20th Century, the question about John Lennon’s death pops up every now and then.

Patterson has covered the deaths of infamous personalities including Jeffery Epstein (Filthy Rich), and Aaron Hernandez (All-American Murder). And like on previous occasions, he has co-authored the book, this time with Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge. However, whether this book will be something more than the popular narrative, is something to watch out for. Regardless, coming from James Patterson, it sure will be intriguing and fun to read.  

The Last Days of John Lennon is being published by Arrow, a sub-brand of Penguin UK. The book will go on sale in India on 09th December, 2020.

About the Author

James Patterson is one of the most successful and richest authors of all time. He’s written several novels, novellas, and short stories, many of which have been turned into movies. Patterson was also the highest-paid authors for three consecutive years – 2014, 2015, & 2016. He has sold over 305 million copies of his books around the world. He has the most #1 New York Times Bestsellers to his name, with over 114 of his novels featuring in the famed list. Patterson is also the recipient of a host of awards, including the Edgar Award, and Children’s Choice Book Award.

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