Roli Books Launches New Podcast ‘Beyond the Lines’

Roli Books Launches New Podcast ‘Beyond the Lines’

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India’s leading publishing house Roli Books has launched an all-new podcast called ‘Beyond the Lines’. In a tweet last Wednesday, the publisher informed that the podcast will be co-hosted by its Editorial Director Priya Kapoor, and Commissioning Editor Chirag Thakkar, and will be aired on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

According to the official press release, ‘Beyond the Lines’ will discuss Indian books and writing, reflecting on the culture and things of our times. The first episode of the podcast went on air on April 14, in which Priya Kapoor hosted the renowned activist and author of the recent bestselling book ‘Fracture Freedom’. As per the announced schedule, the first season of the podcast will comprise eight episodes, which will host some of the most prominent sociopolitical activists, historians, artists, et al.

Commenting on the podcast, Priya Kapoor, daughter of Roli Books founder Pramod Kapoor, said,

“I love podcasts. They are my go-to source for views, stories, information and news. The intimacy of audio allows for a deeper connection and engagement and this is the prime motivation for Roli to start Beyond the Lines. Our podcast hopes to bridge authors and their audiences in an informal, engaging and informative manner – you get to know the writers better, what motivates them, their process, guilty pleasures and their passions.”

Chirag Thakkar, who along with Priya is also the executive producer of the podcast, said that readers want more than just a book and they want to get to know about their writers first hand. He further added,

“We are witnessing a time where the difference between one traditional medium from another is blurring and only for the better. As publishers and facilitators of stories, this is an extension of our efforts to tell good, compelling stories of some of our best writers, their journeys, dissect Indian culture and things that inform it and reflect on our times.”

The Guests and Titles for Season 01:

  1. Kobad Ghandy – Looking Back: Prison Writing, Politics and Activism with Kobad Ghandy (14th/04)
  2. Naresh Fernandes – Indian Jazz, Newsmaking and Bombay – the Ticking Time Bomb (21st/04)
  3. Sunetra Choudhary – The Notorious World of India’s Prison with Sunetra Choudhary (28th/04)
  4. Sumathi Ramaswamy – Gandhi in Art and India’s History with Sumathi Ramaswamy (05th/05)
  5. Vidya Dahejia – India in 100 Objects with Vidya Dahejia (12th/05)
  6. Rasheed Kidwai – The Scindias and the Pulse of Indian Politics with Rasheed Kidwai: Political Dynasties and the Future of BJP and Congress (19th/05)
  7. Shrabani Basu – Of Spies and World Wars with Shrabani Basu (26th/May)
  8. Nandita Iyer – So You Think You Can Cook (02nd/06)

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